Deputy DAs for Dow

Deputy DAs for Dow | April 29, 2014

We are deputy district attorneys, the frontline prosecutors in San Luis Obispo County. For several years, we have had the opportunity to observe and interact with both candidates in the campaign for district attorney. We have concluded that Dan Dow is the clear and best choice as our county’s next district attorney.

We would like to make very clear that our support of Dan has nothing whatsoever to do with any lawsuit, union politics or personal friendships. We will not silently allow our support of Dan to be distorted or mischaracterized as a “union” issue, as it has been by the Covello campaign. We are endorsing Dan because, based on what we have seen up close and personally, he is the best man for the job.

Dan’s years in the business community, in the military and as an experienced prosecutor give him the perspective necessary to face the mounting challenges of being our county’s top crime fighter. Dan uniquely possesses the necessary collaborative skills to work closely with our local police agencies. Many of the county’s police officer associations have independently chosen to endorse Dan. We are excited to support Dan’s plans for positive change for our office and for our community.

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